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Living with COPD

Our commitment to the patient's quality of life

It is very important to establish healthy lifestyle habits:

  • Maintain a balanced diet

  • Practice physical exercises

  • have a good night's sleep

Home oxygen therapy

If blood oxygen levels are low, it may be necessary to administer oxygen from an external source.

There are different alternatives that will allow you to continue maintaining an active life:

  • fixed oxygen concentrator
  • portable oxygen concentrator
  • portable liquid oxygen
  • oxygen bottle

Your doctor will tell you the most suitable option and how many hours to use it.

Afterwards, a specialized company like VitalAire will install it in your home, explaining how it works and providing support and attention throughout the process.

Our commitment to the patient's quality of life

Together with healthcare professionals, VitalAire teams, an activity of Air Liquide Healthcare, help to develop and facilitate home care for patients with severe COPD who require respiratory assistance.

The main challenge of this care is to improve the patient's quality of life through adherence to treatment.

Caring for the patient with COPD

Following the physician's prescription, the home care provider provides patients with COPD associated with respiratory failure with oxygen therapy and/or ventilation tailored to their needs. It works with the patient to prevent exacerbations and control the progression of COPD for a better quality of life.

Supporting COPD