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Our Home Respiratory Therapy Solutions

Discover VitalAire's solutions

Offering solutions to facilitate the transition of patients from the hospital to the home environment with total quality and safety is the main focus of VitalAire's services.

We commit to patients and companions to:

  • Coordinate the return of hospitalized patients home, together with healthcare professionals
  • Implement home treatment according to medical prescription
  • Train and motivate patients and caregivers in the proper use of their medical devices
  • Provide patient follow-up and ensure compliance throughout the duration of their treatment
  • Meet patient needs 24 hours a day.


Our teams are always ready to offer the best service!

Reasons to choose VitalAire

  • Expertise Count on the experience of VitalAire's professionals and technical team

  • VitalAire believes in proximity 24 hours a day for the best care.

  • Personalization The care and treatment is personalized for each patient

Important: Due to the complexity of this treatment, VitalAire can only be hired by a legal entity to provide mechanical ventilation. Talk to your health plan operator or contact your local City Hall for more information.

Oxygen Therapy Equipment

VitalAire has a complete offer in oxygen therapy for use at home and in transport.

We have several types of sources of Medicinal Oxygen available, and the choice of the best source for each patient will be up to their respective physician