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Health Professionals, Welcome!

Working in more than 35 countries, our 16,500 nurses, researchers, technicians, engineers, physicians, respiratory therapy consultants and data scientists work hand in hand with patients, healthcare professionals and hospitals. We help people to better deal with chronic diseases, making the path of care and follow-up of treatments more efficient.

Changing Care. With You.

We work day after day to build an efficient and virtuous healthcare system for all.

We are recognized worldwide for our work in the area of ​​health, home care and care of chronic diseases, in addition to the production and supply of medicinal gases and hospital hygiene products.

We anticipate and support all needs of healthcare professionals and to improve patients' lifestyles; combined our therapeutic, digital, organizational and human expertise.

A new approach to health, interdisciplinary, collective and connected.

Our support programs

We are committed to providing the most advanced programs to support the treatment of Sleep ApneaChronic Respiratory Diseases and Diabetes

At VitalAire, we care about the care of our patients throughout their journey , from start to finish.

VitalAire, a pioneer in the development of homecare supply to patients in South Africa since the 1980s,has been awarded the RT72 tender to supply and deliver medical oxygen to home patients on behalf of the state
We are the preferred supplier of ALL medical schemes in South Africa